12x15 sheet of BFlex Glitter HTV.
**The carrier sheet has a blue tint, the vinyl IS white! See 2nd photo.**
(Actual width can be +/- 1/4" due to manufacturer cuts)
Stretchable, smooth to the touch and effortless to cut and weed. BFlex Glitter can also be layered! 
Recommended cut settings:
Blade 5, Speed 5, Thickness 15
(Always do a TEST cut, if using this product for the first time!) 
*Applies at 295F in 10 seconds!
* Hot Peel *
*Because of its unique makeup, your  garments stay soft and pliable!
*Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1   Certified. 
*Compatible with most fabrics.
*High resistance to washing and drying cycles.

B-Flex Glitter HTV - White